“Sometimes, my students will spend weeks staring at a blank sheet of paper; and the point I’m often making to them is JUST START. Because sometimes, it all comes right.” - Guy Michelmore

Everything that has ever been accomplished in this world has occurred because somebody decided to begin... to forge something out of nothing and intentionally choose to go on a journey.

I've given a lot of thought to beginnings lately. I'll often get caught up in figuring out the fifth, sixth, or seven seventh step of something far before I've even considered what the first step is. That rabbit hole is a hard one to pull yourself out of and quite often leads to a lack of progress altogether on my part.

Everyone has their own hills to climb, their own inventions to sketch, their own books to write, their own plans to realize; but I think a lot of our stumblings originate from a lack of energy to effectively 'start'.

For example, I'm sitting here in my bedroom right now, planning my fitness journey for the next few months. I'm researching various techniques, habits, tools, and avenues available. I'm getting caught up in the logistics of progress, not focusing on harnessing the energy to START. But then, it hit me. This is why we fail. We lose sight of the feasibility of actually dedicating ourselves to something because we are so bogged down by tiny details in those journeys.

I could have just walked outside and gone for a run. But I didn't. I asked myself too many questions. I sat in my room researching what I should do AFTER my run, and then in turn what I should do tomorrow.

Tomorrow's logistics don't matter if you didn't put in the work today. All we have to do is START and the rest will come naturally.

Progress only happens when we begin the journey. Working backward from a goal is feasible in some cases and a very logical thing to do. But if we don't ever start, we won't ever finish.

So, my resolution for the month of April is to START. Take the leap. And trust that progress will occur effortlessly once you actually put one step in front of the other.