On 2020...

I don’t have much to say about 2020.

Well, actually, I do. But I won’t say much. I’ll keep this brief because I am of the belief that adopting a forward-looking perspective on life is beneficial in most cases. ⠀

To that end though, sometimes I yearn for the fleeting normality of yesterday.⠀

I close my eyes and I see the world before COVID.⠀

I remember hugging people. I remember the days where togetherness was cherished instead of discouraged.

Then I open my eyes and see that some people are walking a wasteland of shattered tranquility or fragile peace.

Some’s boots are getting caked with the ash of memories whose bliss will forever be in the past.

All that to say:

Nothing can bring back the innocence we lost to yesterday.

Nothing can restore what is gone.

Nothing can remove insurmountable loss and anguish.

Yesterday, both the good and bad, is gone forever.

But it behooves us to look forward to tomorrow.

We will hug again.

We will be together again.

We have to.

Excitedly embrace tomorrow.

That is my motto for 2021.


"And we're all just passengers tonight;

And we're all just traveling through our lives;

We will reach our destination,

So just hang on for the ride;

Say a prayer and close your eyes;

It's just a little turbulence."

- Bowling for Soup