Hart2020 - Brand Design & Storytelling

In 2018, a grassroots candidate for President of the United States, reached out to me in hopes of getting a brand and social media presence established for his movement. The client wanted a logo that was forward thinking, concise, and memorable. I set out to design to that brief.

Here is the final logo system that was approved by the candidate.

In addition, I created assets and additional color palettes to encompass "sub-brands" or in this case, different topics--for use on web properties, rich media, and print.

Here is the color palette created for the campaign's various topics:

This worked very well, allowing all people involved in creating assets to have easily reference-able guidance to ensure consistency.

In addition, I also provided web-mockups and various ideas to the UX/Web Design team for their implantation.

Also crated bumper sticker designs for the candidate:


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