USO Signage Redesign

Project Summary:


For the military lounge inside the Orlando Airport, I was asked to redesign the center signage to be more refreshing and cohesive. The USO asked for these assets to be printed, but also presented in a format where they can be edited in house.

The challenge: signage is typically used to be easily digestible and coherent without having to take the time and say “Wait, what does that sign mean?!” The major problem was that all of the signs in the center were using various fonts and Clip art, and weren’t even uniform between rooms or messages. 

Following National USO guidance, I created a template in Canva.  Using the standard corporate brand colors, I created signage templates that volunteers could edit/reprint as necessary. This ensured that


  1. All signs would use proper fonts

  2. All signs would look and feel similar 

  3. It was easy for “non designer-designers” to use.

Employees and volunteers were thrilled. They loved being able to create branded items easily and effortlessly. The center management really enjoyed my efforts. I even received this shoutout and award during the USO weekly newsletter:
Screen Shot 2020-12-20 at 7.59.15 PM.png

Asset Presentation

uso signage